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Matter Of Time – for the dragonslayers

It starts with a scream.

People are going missing in Drummbek castle. It’s something castle maid Tabitha can’t ignore, and she’s determined to find out what’s really going on.

Meanwhile, in the Wastelands, exiled veteran dragonslayer, Del Thorburn, knows exactly what’s going on and she’s on her way home to finish what she started.

What happens will change their lives, and the lives of those they hold close and love, but if they think that’ll be the end of it, they’re sorely mistaken.


Beginnings – for the witchesThe ebook and paperback of Beginnings - J E Nice

The Universe is against Erica Murray. 

After years of hard work, she’s been overlooked for promotion yet again, and this time she just can’t brush it off.

Her colleague and friend, Jess, has been miserable for a long time but with a new mortgage to pay and a daughter to raise, she’s not sure what she could turn her hand to.

Then, out of the blue, an old friend gets in touch. His wife sadly passed away only a few months ago, so it’s probably the grief that’s causing him to hear her voice in the house. 

That doesn’t explain the crackles on the baby monitor though.


No Masters Or Kings – for the sky piratesNo Masters Or Kings

‘We take what is lost and we make it found.’

Kai is running.
Out of breath, out of options, she stands on a landing pad wearing only a torn, muddy wedding dress and searches for a way out.

There is solace and safety to be found on The Magpie, with her misshapen, half-formed crew led by Captain Bucky Winters. Kai isn’t the only one on board with secrets, and her secrets aren’t the only things chasing them.

Can Kai outrun her groom?
More importantly, can Kai outrun her destiny?

What’s not to love?

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