No Masters Or Kings

No Masters Or Kings

Book One

No Masters Or Kings

Born to be a queen, brought up a sky pirate. No castle, crown or wedding ring will hold her down.

Kai is running. Out of breath and out of options.
She stands on a landing pad wearing only a torn, muddy wedding dress and searches for a way out.

There is solace and safety to be found on The Magpie, with its misshapen, half-formed crew led by Captain Bucky Winters. He thinks he’s getting a cook in his new passenger but he’s getting so much more.

Kai isn’t the only one on board with secrets, and her secrets aren’t the only things chasing them. With money scarce, Bucky is forced to take a job from a dangerous man and if this job isn’t finished on time, he’ll lose everything and everyone he loves before he’s killed.

Can Kai outrun her destiny long enough for her new crew to finish this potentially fatal job?

‘Great stuff! A really fun and funny read. A band of misfits on the run barely hanging on and just trying to survive. I can see the Firefly appeal. I literally laughed out loud a few times and that is pretty rare for me. Like Firefly, you can’t easily classify this book. Part sci-fi, part fantasy, part mystery, part romance, and a decent amount of humor. Throw in a little western and pirate feel and you have a pretty powerful mixture.’ ★★★★★

‘The story of a crew of misfits, each with their own tales and secrets, had me hooked from the start. I was instantly invested in the characters and wanted to know more. The story moves forward in an exciting way, with the odd surprise thrown in! Looking forward to the next instalment.’ ★★★★★

‘Marvelous ! This book was great, I loved the characters ! I’m not exactly sure how this would be classified other than MARVELOUS !! I mean you have different genres so I believe this is in a league of its own. Misfits coming together to become a family, who are willing to do anything for each other, even those who just came aboard. Who says a ship (in the sky) can’t be a home. These misfits are lost or were lost at one time. Some are or were running from things or people. Love the suspense and action !! Very surprising parts and boy did I laugh !!’ ★★★★★


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