Matter of Time

Matter of Time by J E Nice

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An infamous exiled dragonslayer and a determined maid with a rusty sword are all that stands between a corrupt, hungry dragon king and the city they call home.

It’s believed among the people of the city of Drummbek that the mighty dragonslayer, Del Thorburn, fell high and hard from her pedestal after the Great War.
She’s a drunk and prone to acts of recklessness. Why else would she accuse the king of such a terrible crime?

The first time she fought for the truth, she lost everything. Her home, her job, her best friend, and any chance of the woman she loves taking her back.
But Del isn’t the type who gives up easily.
She’s found a horse and a weapon, and she’s making her way back home, even if it means facing the hangman’s noose.

This time, she won’t fight the battle on her own.
This time, a castle maid with a rusty sword will be on hand to help.

Tabitha Dunn can’t ignore the screams echoing around Drummbek castle. It’s time for her to find out who she can be when she’s not being told to mop the floors.
Soon, it’s not just a question of exposing the king, it becomes a fight to keep herself and the man she loves alive.

This is a battle neither Del or Tabitha can afford to lose.

There will be blood, there will be death, there will be love and above all, there will be magic.

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