Belonging – The third Erica Murray Mystery

The third Erica Murray Mystery

Belonging - the third Erica Murray Mystery


‘…we are the wise women of this town and we shall not let this evil in.’

Erica Murray is falling in love.
Rick, the time travelling detective and her future husband, left her behind so it made sense to fall into the arms of charming and powerful fae, Alfie.

Her best friend, Jess, is in love and couldn’t be happier.
Their paranormal investigation agency is starting to take off, the love of her life has moved in and she’s sure the nightmares will fade soon.

They should have known it couldn’t last.

Rick is back and he needs help.
Then Jess discovers she has a gift she has no control over.

All of which will have to wait when they discover the dark shadow lurking inside Jess’s four-year-old daughter’s bedroom.


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