Who is J E Nice?

Born in Essex, England, J E Nice has been writing since she knew what words were and started writing fantasy as a teenager when she got bored of heartthrob vampires.
She now lives with her husband in Bristol, where it’s downright encouraged to be weird, open-minded and unapologetically yourself.

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‘We take what is lost and we make it found.’

Kai is running.

Out of breath, out of options, she stands on a landing pad wearing only a torn, muddy wedding dress and searches for a way out.

There is solace and safety to be found on The Magpie, with her misshapen, half-formed crew led by Captain Bucky Winters.

Kai isn’t the only one on board with secrets, and her secrets aren’t the only things chasing them.

Can Kai outrun her groom?
More importantly, can Kai outrun her destiny?


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